ANNA Mentorship Program

The ANNA Mentorship Program provides neuroscience nurses with the opportunity for mentoring in clinical, research, and clinical educator pathways, as well as advice regarding career development.

Mentee and mentor applications will be reviewed by ANNA Executive Committee delegate(s). Each mentor/mentee match will agree to defined status checks, and ANNA will ask participants to evaluate their mentoring engagement throughout the relationship.


Mentor – Any experienced neuroscience nurse that is an ANNA member may apply to serve as a mentor. The mentor should be a source of support for nurses/student nurses, available to answer questions, provide insight, and encourage involvement within ANNA.
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Mentee – Mentee applicants must be ANNA members and nurses with an interest in furthering their neuroscience career. Successful mentees are willing to assume responsibility for their own learning and growth. Mentees will learn to achieve a balance between their independence and reliance on the mentor.
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